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"May you live in interesting times."

It's an old curse – it's the idea that interesting times means challenge, disruption, threats and opportunity.

Business now lives in interesting times. We all know that.

The new ideas that companies need to lead their industry come only by thinking creatively. That's just the hard fact of it.

But most often, neither employees nor management has been well-trained in how to think creatively.

That's why we exist. To train.
To make things more interesting.


Company Advantages.

Company ROI includes:

  • Development of a web of creative relationships – people throughout the company contribute to a coordinated system of creative thinking, innovation, growth, and competition.
  • Improved potential to lead the competition through truly original contributions in areas such as new-product development, new-market discoveries, and streamlining processes.
  • More effective creative teams, improving the range of choices available to management.
  • Leadership informed by a creative perspective, able to envision a range of alternatives and opportunities, and create the knowledge or products to take advantage of them.

Employee Advantages.

With creative thinking skills, employees can:

  • Smartly engage a work situation, look for areas to improve, and propose new ideas to build on a company's competitive advantage.
  • Help build a company which predicts and responds to emerging market opportunities.
  • Know how to work better in teams and produce more, powerful creative ideas.
  • Contribute to the mission and morale – to be a part of the company's experience as a leader.
  • Be recognized for their creative efforts, enhancing their partnership with the company.