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What We Do.

We teach employees and management how to think more creatively. To do that, we:

  • Evaluate your overall needs, goals, and expectations from a creative program.
  • Develop training to improve personal creative-thinking capabilities, and training in organizational creativity principles for management.
  • Teach creative thinking techniques for both individuals and teams and provide experience in the techniques.
  • Develop and recommend company policy and internal structures regarding issues such as how new ideas are generated, recognition and rewards, and others.
  • Develop a system to continue the creative activities within your organization.


Paradigm-shift creative thinking.

Major players do not rule their category by incrementalism ... they thrive because they jump paradigms, rethinking everything.

This vitally important kind of thinking is a rare, high-level creative process and it takes a unique individual or team to learn this process. It is like trying to bottle fire, but it changes the playing field for everyone when it succeeds.

We will work one-to-one with individuals or small teams to help develop this talent and skill.

Setting up a Supportive Creative Culture.

Whether it's new product development, streamlining processes, or scheduled weekly meetings to explore potential opportunities, a company needs to establish a structure that is supportive of the creative effort.
We build that with you.

Primary Formats for Training.

4-Hour Session
– Provides the basics in creative thinking, with an opportunity to
directly engage several methods. Designed for groups up to 20; recommended as
an overall option.

8-Hour Session – Directed toward training management and select employees in organizational creativity ... this option provides all of the 4-hour session, discusses issues in developing organizational structures that support creative thinking, and considers select propositions relevant to the company. Seminar of 10 or fewer only.

Custom Sessions to meet a company's unique needs will be developed as requested.